MBA Admissions: The Thank You Note Advantage

The MBA admissions process doesn't end after submitting an application. After interviewing, it is critical to take the time to follow up with a thank you note. In this blog post, we will discuss the power of sending a thank you note after interviewing with an MBA admissions officer or alumni.

Let's not overthink it: a thank you note is a brief message sent after an interview to express gratitude for the interviewer's time and consideration. It can be a handwritten card, an email, or a typed letter. No matter the form, a thank you note can leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your interest in the program. At M7A, we believe there are numerous benefits of this simple yet impactful practice.

Demonstrating Appreciation

The Importance of Gratitude

A thank you note first and foremost conveys your gratitude. Admissions officers, who tirelessly review numerous applications, will recognize and value this gesture of appreciation.

Standing Out Among Applicants

Making a Memorable Impression

In a competitive field, thank you notes help differentiate you from other candidates. This small action can highlight your professionalism and attention to detail, traits that are highly regarded in prestigious MBA programs.

Reinforcing Your Interest

Showcasing Continued Enthusiasm

Your thank you note is an opportunity to reiterate your keen interest in the program. It's a strategic way to remind the admissions committee of your dedication and enthusiasm for joining their MBA community.

Highlighting Your Qualifications

A Chance to Reaffirm Your Strengths

Use your thank you note to subtly reinforce key aspects of your qualifications or to touch upon important points not covered in the interview. It's a smart way to keep your candidacy prominent in the admissions officers' minds.

Building Positive Relationships

Fostering Connection Beyond the Interview

Sending a thank you note can initiate a positive rapport with the admissions team. It reflects your understanding of professional etiquette and your commitment to building respectful professional relationships.

Opening Doors for Feedback

Gaining Insights for Future Growth

Occasionally, a thank you note might lead to feedback from an admissions officer. This could provide valuable insights into your application or guidance for future endeavors in the MBA landscape.


Incorporating thank you notes into your MBA admissions strategy is a smart move. These notes help in showing appreciation, making your application stand out, reinforcing your interest, highlighting your strengths, building positive relationships, and potentially opening doors for valuable feedback.

March 14, 2023

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