How to Get Into Harvard Business School: A Comprehensive Guide by M7 Admissions

Mission Statement

To educate leaders who make a difference in the world.

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Harvard Business School (HBS) is synonymous with the kind of leadership and impact that can transcend industries and borders. If you're aspiring to be a part of this illustrious institution, it's crucial to understand that HBS seeks candidates who not only embody excellence but are also aligned with its mission to cultivate leaders who make a meaningful impact on the world. This guide aims to provide you with tailored insights to navigate HBS's unique application process successfully.

Essential Information:

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Average GMAT/GRE Score: GMAT 730, GRE V 163, Q 162
  • Acceptance Rate: Approximately 11%

The Ideal Candidate for HBS

Professional Achievements

Harvard is interested in your ability to make an impact that goes beyond personal or organizational milestones and aligns with broader societal or industry betterment.

Action Items:

  1. Frame your professional achievements in terms of influence, contribution to positive change, and alignment with broader objectives.
  2. Articulate how you plan to use the skills acquired at HBS to make a meaningful impact in your future roles.

Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership is more than a title at HBS; it's about your capacity to influence others and navigate complexities to bring about positive outcomes.

Action Items:

  1. Share experiences where you have stepped up to lead, irrespective of your official role, particularly in challenging situations.
  2. Show instances where teamwork and collective effort were crucial in achieving meaningful results

Additional X-Factor

If you possess attributes or experiences that directly reflect HBS's mission, this is your opportunity to highlight them.

Action Items:

  1. If you've initiated a social enterprise, contributed to community development, or undertaken any form of impactful leadership, bring it to the forefront here.
  2. Relate these unique attributes back to the broader mission of HBS during your interviews or in your essays.

Final Thoughts

HBS seeks more than just academic or professional accomplishments. Each component of your application should tell a story of potential impact and leadership that resonates with HBS's mission to shape leaders who make a difference. As you put together your application, aim to paint a cohesive picture that makes it clear why you belong at HBS and how you intend to leverage the HBS experience for meaningful impact.

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