Beyond Traditional Networking: MBA Students at Yacht Week

In the world of elite business school programs, finding the right people to connect with can open doors to amazing career paths. But what if you could do this while having the time of your life sailing along the Dalmatian Coast? That's what Yacht Week is all about. In this blog post, we discuss the importance of networking and introduces Yacht Week as a unique way to meet your future business circle.

What is Yacht Week?

Discovering Yacht Week's Exclusive Charm

Yacht Week, an innovative event that began in 2006, transcends the ordinary by offering a week-long maritime adventure across the Mediterranean and beyond. Founded by visionary Swedish skippers, this event quickly transformed from a casual gathering among friends into a global phenomenon, attracting hundreds of MBA students and young professionals eager to mingle in an exhilarating setting.

Participants experience a mix of luxurious relaxation and spirited parties aboard sleek yachts, with itineraries covering coveted destinations like Croatia, Greece, and the British Virgin Islands. The cost of participation varies, reflecting the yacht's amenities and the exclusivity of the experience, not including airfare, meals, and additional expenses.

The Networking Potential of Yacht Week

Yacht Week stands out not just for its scenic routes and exclusive parties but as a fertile ground for networking. It draws a diverse crowd of ambitious MBA candidates from top-tier business schools, creating a unique milieu for professional and personal connections that could shape future career paths.

The Importance of Networking in Graduate School

Networking as a Career Catalyst for MBA Students

The value of networking for MBA students cannot be overstated. With a significant portion of job opportunities and business partnerships originating from professional networks, graduate school offers a pivotal stage to cultivate these connections. This network becomes an indispensable asset, providing guidance, mentorship, and access to unadvertised career opportunities.

Leveraging Yacht Week for Professional Growth

Yacht Week provides an exceptional backdrop for MBA students to expand their networks in a more relaxed and personal setting. This environment fosters genuine connections, allowing students to discover potential business partners, mentors, and friends who share similar ambitions and interests.

Maximizing Networking Opportunities at Yacht Week

Strategic Networking on the High Seas

To fully leverage Yacht Week for networking, attendees should keep the following in mind:

Be Intentional

Clearly define your networking goals. Whether seeking future co-founders or simply aiming to broaden your professional circle, knowing your objectives can guide your interactions.

Engage in Events

Yacht Week's schedule is packed with social gatherings, from intimate boat parties to grand beach clubs. Participating actively in these events enhances your visibility and networking scope.

Foster Approachability

Effective networking is rooted in mutual interest and openness. Be genuine in your interactions, showing real interest in others' experiences and aspirations.

Initiate Follow-Ups

Cement the connections made during Yacht Week by reaching out afterwards. A thoughtful message or a LinkedIn connection request can turn a brief encounter into a lasting relationship.


Yacht Week emerges not only as an adventure of a lifetime but as a strategic avenue for MBA students to enrich their networking portfolio. By embracing this unique experience with intention and openness, you can forge meaningful connections that transcend the week-long event, propelling your professional journey forward.

April 19, 2023

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