Last-Minute Tips for Round 2 MBA Applicants

With the Round 2 MBA application deadlines fast approaching, M7A is here to provide focused, last-minute strategies to polish your application. Time is of the essence, and these tips are designed to ensure you present your best self to the admissions committees.

Refining Your MBA Essays

Polishing for Perfection

Revisit your essays with a critical eye. Focus on clarity, conciseness, and impact. For instance, if your essay includes leadership experiences, ensure each story is succinct yet powerful, emphasizing the results and learnings. Remove any redundancies and check that each paragraph contributes to your overall narrative.

Finalizing Your MBA Resume

Ensuring Clarity and Impact

Your resume should be a crisp reflection of your professional journey. Double-check for any errors and ensure that your most significant achievements are highlighted. For example, quantify the impact of your work wherever possible to provide a clear picture of your contributions and capabilities.

Strengthening Your Short Answers

Last-Minute Enhancements

Review the short-answer sections for any overlooked opportunities. These answers can reveal personal traits or experiences that set you apart. Ensure each response is complete and adds a new dimension to your application.

Managing Recommender Relationships

Ensuring Timely Submission

Check in with your recommenders to confirm that your letters have been submitted. If not, a polite reminder is appropriate. Remember, a quick note of thanks after submission goes a long way.

Essay Review and Feedback

Seeking Objective Insights

If time permits, get a fresh set of eyes on your essays. Someone who hasn't read them before may catch overlooked errors or provide new insights. Ensure this reviewer understands the critical elements of a successful MBA essay.

Preparing for Potential Interviews

Anticipating and Practicing

While waiting for responses, begin preparing for interviews. Research common questions and practice your responses. Focus on articulating your experiences and goals clearly and confidently. Consider conducting mock interviews with peers or mentors.

Mental and Emotional Preparation

Staying Positive and Ready

Maintain a positive mindset as you await responses. Use this time to reflect on your journey and mentally prepare for the next steps. Stay engaged with your professional and personal development, as this will keep you sharp for upcoming interviews and decisions.


As you put the finishing touches on your Round 2 MBA applications, remember the journey you've embarked upon is a significant one. With M7A's guidance, your hard work and dedication can be effectively showcased in your application. Our team of experts is committed to helping you present a compelling narrative that aligns with your ambitions and the expectations of top-tier MBA programs.

Take the Next Step with M7A

To further enhance your application and increase your chances of success, consider booking a free consultation with M7A. In this consultation, we can discuss your specific needs and how our services, including hourly consulting options, can be tailored to support your goals. Our expertise can provide you with the personalized guidance and insights you need to make your application stand out in this competitive process.

December 26, 2023

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