Building An Extraordinary Resume With Extracurricular Activities

To earn an offer of admission from an M7 MBA program, your application needs to shine in every aspect. Beyond academic prowess and stellar GMAT scores, extracurricular activities play a crucial role in painting a comprehensive picture of your potential as a future business leader. In this blog post, we explain the importance of extracurricular activities and provide advice on how to improve your odds by building an elite resume.

Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

Demonstrating Your Passions and Interests

Admissions committees at top business schools seek candidates with a vibrant portfolio of interests. Extracurriculars offer a window into what drives you, showcasing your dedication beyond the academic realm. Whether it's your involvement in community service, participation in sports teams, or engagement in creative endeavors, these activities highlight your unique strengths and personal qualities, making your application stand out.

Developing Transferable Skills

Extracurricular activities are fertile grounds for cultivating skills critical to business leadership. Taking up a leadership role in a student organization can enhance your abilities in communication, teamwork, and project management. Similarly, engaging in research or artistic pursuits sharpens your critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation capabilities—skills that are invaluable in both your academic journey and future career.

Balancing Multiple Commitments

The ability to juggle academic responsibilities with extracurricular passions signals to admissions committees your capacity to manage the rigorous demands of graduate school. Excelling academically while making significant contributions to your extracurricular interests demonstrates effective time management and prioritization—qualities essential for success in the fast-paced world of business.

How to Leverage Extracurricular Activities in Your MBA Application

Align Activities with Your Goals

Select extracurriculars that resonate with your aspirations and interests. This alignment illustrates a purposeful approach to your personal and professional development, signaling to admissions committees your clear sense of direction and commitment.

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Depth of involvement trumps the breadth of activities. Focus on engagements where you've made a tangible impact, developing deep connections and acquiring substantive skills. This approach reflects your ability to commit and contribute meaningfully, a trait highly valued by M7 schools.

Highlight Achievements and Leadership

In your application, spotlight your accomplishments and leadership experiences within your extracurricular activities. Demonstrating initiative and the ability to influence and innovate within these roles evidences your potential to excel in business leadership.

Connect Activities to Your Career Goals

Illustrate how your extracurricular engagements complement and enrich your academic interests and career objectives. This coherence shows a well-considered path to achieving your goals, enhancing your application's persuasive power.

Effective Extracurricular Activities for MBA Applications

Research and Internship Experience

Showcases analytical prowess and practical skills, offering insights into your professional aptitude.

Leadership in Student Organizations

Demonstrates managerial capabilities and a commitment to causes, enhancing teamwork and project management skills.

Volunteer and Community Service

Reflects a dedication to societal contribution and the development of leadership and organizational skills.

Creative Pursuits

Highlights creativity and innovation, essential for problem-solving and strategic thinking in business.

Describing Your Extracurricular Activities

Use Concrete Examples

Provide specific instances that showcase your skills, achievements, and the impact of your involvement.

Connect to Your Goals

Link your extracurricular activities to your academic and career ambitions, underscoring their relevance to your future path.

Employ Active Language

Utilize vibrant, action-oriented language to bring your contributions to life, emphasizing your role and the value added.


In the competitive arena of MBA admissions, extracurricular activities offer a vital opportunity to distinguish yourself. They illuminate your personal interests, underscore valuable leadership skills, and demonstrate your capability to navigate multiple priorities. By thoughtfully selecting and articulately presenting your extracurricular engagements, you can compellingly argue your suitability for a place at a top business school. Remember, it's not just about what you've done, but how those experiences shape who you are and who you aspire to become in the world of business.

April 1, 2023

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