Why Pursue an MBA? Insights & Advice from M7 Admissions

At M7 Admissions, we’re passionate about empowering our clients with the knowledge and guidance they need to make the best decisions about their academic and professional journeys. One of the most critical questions we often encounter from aspiring professionals and business leaders is: "Should I get an MBA?" In this blog post, we aim to help you understand and evaluate your motivations for considering this significant step.

The "Why" Behind Pursuing an MBA

Before diving into the specifics, it's crucial to address the core question: "Why pursue an MBA?" The reasons behind this decision vary widely among individuals and significantly impact your program experience and outcomes. It's essential to conduct an honest and comprehensive assessment of your motivations. Our goal is to help you differentiate between constructive reasons—those likely to enhance your satisfaction and success—and misguided ones that might divert you from your intended path.

Good Reasons to Embark on an MBA

Career Advancement

The desire for career advancement is a compelling reason to pursue an MBA. This degree is often viewed as a catalyst for climbing the corporate ladder, providing you with a holistic understanding of business principles and critical leadership skills. Many companies highly value an MBA, offering holders higher-level positions and leadership opportunities. If you're aiming for a C-suite role, an MBA can equip you with the necessary tools and credentials.

Skill Enhancement

An MBA transcends the acquisition of a degree; it's about gaining a versatile skill set applicable across various industries. Whether you're from a technical background seeking business insights or a business professional aiming to deepen your expertise, MBA programs offer a comprehensive curriculum covering finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. They emphasize soft skills such as leadership and communication, providing a competitive edge in the workplace.

Network Building

The networking opportunities provided by an MBA program are invaluable. You'll interact with a diverse cohort of peers, professors, and alumni, establishing relationships that serve as a significant professional asset throughout your career.

Entrepreneurial Journey

For those with entrepreneurial ambitions, an MBA offers a robust toolkit for navigating the complexities of starting and managing a business, including business planning and financial management, supported by resources such as startup incubators and entrepreneurship clubs.

Career Change

An MBA can facilitate a career transition, allowing you to explore different business disciplines and industries, and serving as a valuable asset on your resume to signal your business acumen to potential employers.

Misguided Reasons for an MBA

Escaping a Tough Job Market

Viewing an MBA as a safe haven during economic downturns overlooks the program's core value and purpose. The decision to embark on this academic journey should be rooted in career enhancement and personal growth, not merely as a temporary escape from job market challenges.

Following the Crowd

The allure of joining an MBA program because it seems popular or expected among peers can lead to misalignment with one's personal and professional objectives. Make sure your pursuit of an MBA is driven by a clear vision for your future, not by the choices of others around you.

Chasing Higher Salaries Alone

The potential for a salary increase should not overshadow the broader benefits of an MBA, such as skill development and networking. While financial gains are significant, they are but one facet of the transformative MBA experience.

Seeking External Validation

Pursuing an MBA in the hope of impressing others or elevating social status underestimates the program's true value. Your motivation should be internally driven, focusing on how the degree can contribute to your career and personal development, rather than external accolades.

Believing an MBA is a Panacea

An MBA enriches your career and personal skills, but it is not a universal remedy for all professional challenges. Recognize that success post-MBA involves leveraging the degree alongside real-world experience, perseverance, and continuous learning.


Choosing to pursue an MBA is a significant decision with a profound impact on your professional trajectory. At M7A, we're committed to guiding you through this complex decision-making process. Through our free consultation, we'll help you assess your motivations and career goals to determine if an MBA aligns with your aspirations. Contact M7 Admissions today, and let's begin crafting your future.

July 31, 2023

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