From MBA to MBB: Business School to Management Consulting

Management consulting is a highly coveted and rewarding career path for business school graduates. As a management consultant, you will work with a diverse range of clients, spanning multiple industries, to help them improve their performance, strategy, and operations. You will also work with smart, motivated, and ambitious colleagues who will challenge you to grow and learn. In this blog post, we will discuss the management consulting opportunities available to graduates of top business school programs and how to maximize your chances of landing a consulting job.

Why Management Consulting Appeals to MBA Graduates

Intellectual Stimulation and Diverse Challenges

Management consulting stands out for its intellectually stimulating environment. Consultants tackle complex, often ambiguous problems requiring a blend of analytical, creative, and strategic thinking. The role involves collaborating with diverse teams and stakeholders, offering exposure to various perspectives and cultures. This diversity in challenges and interactions is particularly appealing to the inquisitive minds of MBA graduates.

Learning and Growth Opportunities

An attractive aspect of management consulting is the extensive learning and development opportunities it provides. Consultants receive comprehensive training, including practical on-the-job learning, formal training programs, and mentorship. Furthermore, access to a vast repository of frameworks, tools, and best practices significantly enhances their skills and expertise.

Competitive Compensation and Career Advancement

The field is known for its competitive compensation packages, including high salaries, performance bonuses, and additional benefits like health insurance and travel perks. Moreover, working on high-profile projects not only bolsters a consultant's resume but also propels their career forward.

Management Consulting Opportunities for MBA Graduates

Graduates from M7 MBA programs have a distinct edge in the consulting sector. These programs offer rigorous coursework, real-world learning experiences, and extensive networking and career resources, all of which are invaluable for a consulting career.

Types of Consulting Opportunities

Generalist Consulting

Generalist firms in this category offer a wide array of services, such as strategy, operations, and technology consulting. They usually cater to large corporations and governments, providing comprehensive solutions.

Specialist Consulting

Specialist firms focus on specific industries or functions, offering deep expertise in areas like healthcare, finance, or marketing.

Boutique Consulting

Boutique firms are smaller, focusing on niche areas or specific client needs. They often work with startups, non-profits, and mid-sized companies, offering tailored solutions.

Internal Consulting

Large corporations often have in-house teams that provide consulting services to various business units within the organization.

Maximizing Your Chances in Management Consulting

While an MBA from a top school is advantageous, it's not a guarantee for securing a consulting role. Consulting firms look for candidates with exceptional academic performance, leadership potential, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Strategies for Success

Start Early

Begin networking and preparing early in your MBA program. Engage in career fairs, informational sessions, and connect with alumni and consultants.

Skill and Experience Development

Emphasize building analytical, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Engage in case competitions, consulting projects, and leadership roles.

Tailor Your Application

Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences, showcasing your suitability for the consulting industry.

Master Case Interviews

Case interviews are crucial in consulting recruitment. Utilize resources like books, websites, and mock interviews to hone your skills.

Persistence and Proactivity

The recruitment process is competitive. Maintain proactive communication with recruiters and network contacts, showcasing your enthusiasm and commitment.


Management consulting is a rewarding career path, especially for those with an MBA from a prestigious business school. These programs provide the necessary skills, experiences, and networks. By maximizing these advantages and demonstrating a strong fit for the industry, MBA graduates can significantly enhance their chances of securing a coveted role in management consulting and embarking on a successful career.

March 16, 2023

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